History My FCBayern

Founder: Mr. Irwan J.
Co-Founder: Mr. Syed Faizal a.k.a Taming Sari

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Syed Faizal, Mugilan, Irwan, Rusdy

29-Sept-2005: My-FCBayern mailing-list was created under Google Groups My-FCBayern.

17-Mar-2006: Article about My-FCBayern published in The Star (Football Every Day section). Main objective is to gather all Bayern Munich fans in Malaysia.

26-Mar-2006: After the first call, First ever gathering was organized at Bukit Bintang. Attended by Rusdy, Syed Faizal, Edmund & his brother, Alister, Irwan.

2-Jan-2007: An official request has been submitted to FC Bayern Munchen A.G based in Germany to get My-FCBayern certified and recognized as an official fan club in Malaysia.

8-Jan-2008: Mr. Irwan (Founder) received a letter from Germany. The letter informed, our fan club has been officially registered with FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN AG • Säbener Straße 51-57 • 81547 München. with reference no: Fanclub Nr. 99903064

25-Feb-2010: My-FCBayern group in Facebook was created https://www.facebook.com/groups/my.fcbayern

15-Oct-2012: My-FCBayern fan-page in Facebook was created

Syed Faizal, Shem, Irwan, Reza, Faizal

Irwan, Syed Faizal, Reza Tarmizi, Farouk, Faizal Sweinsteiger, Shem

28-Nov-2012: An official request has been submitted to the Registry of Societies Malaysia by Mr. Megat Ibrahim.

6-Dec-2012: KELAB RASMI PEMINAT BAYERN MUNICH MALAYSIA was officially registered under the Registry of Societies Malaysia with reference no PPM-022-10-06122012

Keratan Sinar Harian

Keratan dari Official FC Bayern Fan Page

8-Sept-2013: An official website has been created at www.myfcbayern.com

1-Oct-2013: An official request has been submitted to Maybank Kampung Baru, to open an Official Club Current Account.

9-Oct-2013: Officially open for membership registration of My-FCBayern.

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18-Aug-2015: My-FCBayern was officially invited by Bundesliga promotional Legend Tour event for a Meet & Greet and Dinner with Lothar Matthäus at Hilton KL.

Gunaseelan, Jaiz, Lothar Matthäus

Lothar Matthäus and Gunaseelan

1-Jan-2016: My-FCBayern signed MOU with another Official Fan Club from Malaysia known as Schickeria Malaysia

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