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Founder: Mr. Irwan J.
Co-Founder: Mr. Syed Faizal a.k.a Taming Sari

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Syed Faizal, Mugilan, Irwan, Rusdy

29-Sept-2005: My-FCBayern mailing-list was created under Google Groups My-FCBayern.

17-Mar-2006: Article about My-FCBayern published in The Star (Football Every Day section). Main objective is to gather all Bayern Munich fans in Malaysia.

26-Mar-2006: After the first call, First ever gathering was organized at Bukit Bintang. Attended by Rusdy, Syed Faizal, Edmund & his brother, Alister, Irwan.

2-Jan-2007: An official request has been submitted to FC Bayern Munchen A.G based in Germany to get My-FCBayern certified and recognized as an official fan club in Malaysia.

8-Jan-2008: Mr. Irwan (Founder) received a letter from Germany. The letter informed, our fan club has been officially registered with FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN AG • Säbener Straße 51-57 • 81547 München. with reference no: Fanclub Nr. 99903064

25-Feb-2010: My-FCBayern group in Facebook was created https://www.facebook.com/groups/my.fcbayern

15-Oct-2012: My-FCBayern fan-page in Facebook was created

Syed Faizal, Shem, Irwan, Reza, Faizal

Irwan, Syed Faizal, Reza Tarmizi, Farouk, Faizal Sweinsteiger, Shem

28-Nov-2012: An official request has been submitted to the Registry of Societies Malaysia by Mr. Megat Ibrahim.

6-Dec-2012: KELAB RASMI PEMINAT BAYERN MUNICH MALAYSIA was officially registered under the Registry of Societies Malaysia with reference no PPM-022-10-06122012

Keratan Sinar Harian

Keratan dari Official FC Bayern Fan Page

8-Sept-2013: An official website has been created at www.myfcbayern.com

1-Oct-2013: An official request has been submitted to Maybank Kampung Baru, to open an Official Club Current Account.

9-Oct-2013: Officially open for membership registration of My-FCBayern.

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18-Aug-2015: My-FCBayern was officially invited by Bundesliga promotional Legend Tour event for a Meet & Greet and Dinner with Lothar Matthäus at Hilton KL.

Gunaseelan, Jaiz, Lothar Matthäus

Lothar Matthäus and Gunaseelan

1-Jan-2016: My-FCBayern signed MOU with another Official Fan Club from Malaysia known as Schickeria Malaysia

04-June-2016: My-FCBayern meeting up with Bayern Legend Giovane Élber  during the Event of Allianz Junior Football Cup at Stadium UKM Bangi.

Gunaseelan, Giovane Élber and Reza

Nazir, Reza, Mario, Giovane Élber and Gunaseelan

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